Credit Markets – Where are the simulators?

We have stock market simulators. A Google search will turn up many. But where are the credit market simulators?

Dan Travers, Product Manager Adaptiv Analytics for SunGard Capital Markets & Investment Banking discusses the need for them in Toward Comprehensive simulation of Complex Credit structures  and advocates for affordable simulators to make them widely available. But this may be more focused on bank risk and derivatives.

And so is Misch’s great post, Monte Carlo Simulation of CDO’s.

What we actually need now, apparently, is a simulator of the entire world economy. Here’s one for the U.S. economy Microsimulation model of national economy – Dan Kozub

The web site for Nations and Firms in the Global Economy by Brakman, Garretson, van Marrewijk and van Witteloostuijn provides some excel spreadsheets that might come close.

 EconGuru has a link to Virtual Bank simulator for the relationship between banks and central banks and bank policies and their affect on the economy.

Maybe these guys at EconomySim will have one when they are finished.

And if the world is finite, this may tell the story.

Apparently there was a World Without Oil game in 2007. Do we need a World Without Credit game next?


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