The straight line on McCain.

Look I like McCain. I think he has displayed some very admirable personal qualities as a Senator.  But he has some weaknesses that must be factored in with a run for the White House.

McCain is wedded to the government like nobody I know. He is a third generation government employee. In fact, as far as I can tell, he has never worked a day in his life or ever received a paycheck from anyone other than the federal government. Both his father and grandfather were in the military. McCain attended the Naval Academy – a government college, then entered the Navy. When he came back from Vietnam, he took a job as a liaison between the Navy and the government. Then he ran for Congress and then the Senate.

Now he wants to be President. The man will go to his grave never having worked a day in his life for any private enterprise. 

So, his granddaddy was paid by the government, his daddy was paid by the government, he attended a government college, he has only ever been paid by the government and now the government is paying for his campaign financing. No wonder he picked as a running mate the governor of the only state in the country where every citizen is paid by the government every year! The odds of him changing government are slim. He is a creature of government!


John McCain is a war hero. But why? Because his plane was shot down and he was tortured in a POW camp for 5 years. Ok, no argument on the facts. But let’s be clear on heroes in the Vietnam War. First of all, there are more likely more heroes among the Vietnamese in that war than among Americans. But among the American heroes surely the men and women who died in the war are the real heros and those who came back – in any shape – are far better off. This does not diminish the courage and bravery that McCain demonstrated nor the torture he endured. No one would wish that on anyone. But there is a limit to the  number of Brownie points McCain gets for coming back from Vietnam.


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